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    Boundary FAQ

    Why did my residence's boundary change?

    The closure of Taylor Park Elementary School necessitated the redrawing of all elementary boundaries.

    What can't my student stay at the school they went to this year?

    In order to maintain our current class sizes we are not able to allow all students to stay in their current school. Students who will be in 4th grade in the 2020-2021 school year and any younger siblings can finish out their elementary career at their current school. 

    Can I elect to send my 2020-2021 4th grader to their new boundary school?

    Yes, please select that on our student selection form. Student Selection Form

    Can I still apply for a transfer for my student to attend our child care provider's boundary school?

    Yes, the transfer request process has remained unchanged. We will notify families of their request's status in July. 

     How will these changes affect transportation?

    Eligibility for transportation has not changed, the buses that served Taylor Park Elementary will now service other buildings.

    What is a modular classroom?

    Modular classrooms are semi-permanent units that give schools extra classroom space. The modular classrooms come with air conditioning and bathrooms!

    Example of a classroom  Hallway in a modular classroom

    How were the boundaries decided?

    Using our routing and planning software we redrew the boundaries keeping with 2 simple principals;

    What is best for our students.

    What is financially responsible.

    Boundary drafts were shared with the Freeport Board of Education throughout the process. Boundaries went through multiple versions as we worked to maintain student demographics, class size, transportation needs and building capacity.

    Our approved boundaries are within percentage points of our current boundary demographics.

2020-2021 Boundary Changes

  • Due to the closure of Taylor Park Elementary School, the Freeport School District needed to redraw our elementary boundaries. Please see the Boundary Map section of this page for pictures of the new boundaries. 

    You can also log into Elink and find the elementary school assigned your address.

    Boundary Lookup can be done here.



    Please note, the transportation information located here, is not accurate. Do not use the " You Ride" or "You Walk" notification as a definitive. This service is simply made available to find out which elementary boundary a residence is located in. Specific transportation information will be shared with families this summer.